Arinze Odenigbo is a lawyer and entrepreneur. After his bar exams, Arinze joined the pulsating startup community of Berlin, helping to set up the business foundations and legal infrastructure for early-stage startups. After a few years at a well funded FinTech startup managing innovation-projects with banks, insurances, energy providers and airlines, he has become a startup mentor, initiated a collaborative network of creatives and is establishing his own legal business with a handful of lawyers. They offer hands-on legal services making law as we know it accessible to people outside of the guild. Balancing a business perspective with an eye on the legal side he says, that in a world in which legal issues are looked at as blockers he wants to enable you to see opportunities.


  • Introduction to form and function a proposal
  • Proposal vs. Proposition
  • “Three dates to close the deal” –
    a step-by-step-process on how to create a proposal that stands out
  • Overview of legal arrangements dealing with clients
  • Overview of clauses insuring your interests as a freelancer
  • What if everything goes wrong?