How to get your clients in a predictive way, without doing cold emails, LinkedIn automated reach out or cold calling.

This hands-on workshop is your chance to obtain a diagnostic of your current lead generation process both for inbound leads, learn fresh techniques to land new customers and build a process that generates leads, day in, day out.
Several templates to help you build your own sales channels will be handed-out for free.

1- How to prioritize your channels ?
2- Find how to give value upfront
3- Build your inbound conversion loop
4- Build your relationship funnel
5- Find your traffic sources
6- Predict & measure your sales


Timothee Bardet is a 32 year-old serial entrepreneur, who founded several e-commerce and technology startups in Switzerland and Europe. In 2018 he founded Z Digital Agency, a European network of 20 CEOs and Entrepreneurs helping companies on their digital strategy to grow faster, with an innovative donation-based business model. With an international experience on growing and running teams, product management, digital marketing and digital strategy, he firmly believes on the business power of giving first.